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Eidi Properties Has Been In Business For More Than Fifteen Years

July 17, 2015
Eidi Properties was founded by Ramy Eidi more than fifteen years ago. The company has thrived due, at least in part, to his ability to find the diamond in the rough—the property that is undervalued. Eidi Properties is a commercial real estate revitalization firm that is active in markets in Northwestern Ohio, Southwestern Ohio, and Southeastern Michigan. The company is active in a number of markets with different needs and features, but is able to attend to the needs of each market. Today, Eidi Properties is one of the largest privately owned real estate investment firms in Ohio. It is a real competitor in the area and has a proven ability to find, revitalize, and then sell commercial real estate that is undervalued.

Eidi Properties has experienced a number of expansion periods over its history. It went from having just one commercial real estate property to its name to now holding a portfolio that consists of more than one million square feet of retail property. Eidi Properties is proud to be able to work with their partners and does all that it can to support them in their efforts to be successful. Ramy Eidi has insisted on a commitment to excellence at every stage of each project.